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Pappy Van Winkle Draw


Van WInkle bourbons are incredibly hard to get hold of in the UK and as such can be found online for prices of upwards of £650!

We don't believe in gouging extra money out of people just because it's tough to find, so we'll be selling these at £150 for the 10yr and £200 for the 12yr, but there's a catch...

We've only managed to get our hands on one of each of these so we'll be running a raffle to decide who gets to buy them.  Throughout the month of September, Buffalo Trace is being marked down to £25, and for every bottle bought, you'll get a ticket in the raffle

First place in the raffle will get to buy the 12yr, second place gets to buy the 10yr, simples!

Winners drawn and announced on September 30th



Friday September 20th 2pm - 7pm Old Forester

Join us this Saturday when we have Kuro Gin joining sampling their delicious range of Japanese inspired gins.  Try their London Dry, Soft Peach and Cherry Blossom and get 10% off a bottle!

About Us

What we do...

Here at Tipples of Manchester, we pride ourselves on our gin selection (there's over 75 to choose from!), but you can't have a spirits shop with only gin now can you? We stock a wide range of spirits, liqueurs, syrups and bitters, as well as glassware and cocktail equipment.

Looking for something new?  Pop in and have a chat, we’ll happily guide you through our liquid library and guide you towards your perfect drink (you might even get a cheeky sample or two along the way!)

Can’t find what your looking for?  Just ask!  We’re happy to special order for you, and we work with a wide range of suppliers to ensure that our selection is as broad and comprehensive as possible.

So if you're wondering where to buy spirits in Manchester, pop into the city centre's newest liquor store, and let us tickle your tastebuds with the latest libations!

Tipples, what’s yours...?

Committed to Quality


Here at Tipples of Manchester, we believe that flavour is king (and variety is queen!)  There will never be a product on our shelves that we haven't personally tried and believe is good quality at a reasonable price.  While we will have a regular list of products in store, a good number of our lines will rotate on a regular basis to bring you the widest choice possible, and with over 75 gins to choose from, at this spirits shop you'll be spoilt for choice!

Sip Before You Spend


We appreciate that dropping a wedge of your hard earned cash on a bottle of liquid you've never tasted can be an unnerving experience.  For that reason we offer Sip before you Spend service on a wide range of products in store, allowing you to make an informed decision

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Tipples of Manchester

M2 5ND, Manchester, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom

T 0161 834 4404


We are open on Sunday 26th May from 12pm-6pm

We are closed on Monday 27th May

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